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Be Well Series - Azendea 3in1 Warrior: Courage. Strength. Focus.

warrior pose

What is the Warrior pose in yoga?

Warrior is a series of powerful yoga poses that promotes inner strength. The pose requires a strong stand supported by the legs, and a wide opening of the chest. Practicing the warrior pose helps you develop your concentration and balance, giving you a sense of feeling grounded.

What’s in azendea’s Warrior 3-in-1 spray?

Inspired by the Warrior pose, the azendea Warrior 3-in-1 spray is a spray made with rosemary, bergamot, and orange essential oil. Rosemary is associated with improving memory. In the olden days, brides often wore or carried rosemary branches at their wedding ceremony. Some believe they did so to help them keep a good memory of their wedding. Combining rosemary with bergamot and orange essential oil, the azendea Warrior spray helps promote a serene setting that lets you focus your energy in your practice.

Tips on using azendea’s Warrior 3-in-1 spray:

  • Use it when you need to concentrate on a task or on your thoughts.

  • Before you sit down and read, do homework, or practice on a musical instrument, try spraying the warrior mist around you and take a few breaths. It will prepare you mentally to be more focused.

  • How do you use your Warrior 3-in-1 spray? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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