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Thanks to all of our wonderful clients who has given us great feedback!  Hope to have you join our Azendea family and enjoy our 



“Azendea smells fresh without being overpowering.”

Mina, US Karate Champion and Karate Head Instructor at Japanese Royubukai

Removal of the daily life of small stains and bacteria..”

Mirada, Traditional Chinese Medicine Student


"I Love Azendea's products!  Their custom made oil for my daughter has been working so well.  It really helps her stay focused daily!"

Angela, Kindergarten Teacher

“3 in 1 Mat Spray really cleans my yoga props so well. The amazing unique aroma boost also gives me the motiviation to begin my sessions!

Kelley, M.S., M.Ed.. 


"I'm making my husband use this spray every time he exercises. What a fantastic and innovative product! "

Vicki, Traditional Chinese Medicine Licensed Acupunturist


"I have a long history of being a bug magnet and getting bit in all outdoor environments but the Azendea's bug spray kept bighting bugs completely away in the woods and did so with a pleasant smell and absent any sticky chemicals."

Paul, Business Laywer


"I am using the 3 in 1 spray at work to clean my office space daily, and it always gives me a mood booster whenever I need it."

Michele, Medical Researcher


"After using Azendea's 3 in 1 's all natural cleaning spray on our yoga mats for a while, we've also discovered that it even cleans our sink well with a light and soothing aroma scent! Not only it boosts my mind, it also relaxes me at the same time, I highly recommend products by Azendea."

Anton, Sales Manager and Acupunture Student


"The Azendea's skin toner moisturizer mist has worked wonders on my knees and leges! After a tiring day from work, I always look forward to spray them on not only it's good for my skin, it's also calming for my mind. I love it!"

Asami, Custom Manager


"The Mat Spray by Azendea, has been a miracle worker in my household. I have been using this product on a regular basis for Karate gear, uniforms, bags, wrestling gear, dog bedding, musty cars, and yoga mats. The possibilities are endless with their products. The scents that are available are not overpowering, it just leaves a clean freshness." 

Christine, admin assistant


"Azendea's Facial & Skin Toner and Moisturizer Mist (Rhea) totally clears my face in just a few days"

Adrianna, Domestic Services

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