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Be Well Series - Azendea 3in1 Sun Salutation: Energy. Strength. Warmth.

moon salutation pose

What is the Sun Salutation pose in yoga?

Sun Salutation is a sequence of yoga postures that create a warmth flow of energy while strengthening the body. It helps to improve blood circulation, giving you a boost of energy. Sun Salutations are often used as warm-up sequences for a yoga practice.

azendea moon salutation 3-in-1 spray

What’s in azendea’s Sun Salutation 3-in-1 spray?

Inspired by the Sun Salutation pose, the azendea Sun Salutation 3-in-1 Spray is an invigorating spray made with grapefruit, palmarosa, and tea tree essential oil. Working together, they promote a serene setting, help boost your energy, reduce anxiety and promote emotional healing.

Tips on using azendea’s Sun Salutation 3-in-1 spray:

  • Use it when you need a boost of energy.

  • In the morning when you get into your car, spray Sun Salutation ​on the dashboard.

  • How do you user your Sun Salutation 3-in-1 Spray? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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