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Azendea Community - Stephanie Tran

Introducing Stephanie Tran

Optometry Student, Yoga Instructor, Professional Volleyball Player

Stephanie Tran azendea community

Strength. Balance.

Kindness. Humility.


1. What led you to the field of optometry?

The start of my journey began after finishing high school. I was a good student and was able to get into University of Irvine. But if you were to ask what I was passionate about, I wouldn’t be able to answer at all. Once I went to college, I was a business management major and I did not like it. My dad said, "Why not try being an engineer?", so I tried being a biological engineer, but I was still not passionate about it. Later on I started working with my dad, who is an ophthalmologist, and found out I wanted to work as an optometrist. So I applied to the University of Berkeley and was accepted.

"I am passionate about helping people."

2. How did you discover your passion for yoga?

In high school I played volleyball. I really liked the competitiveness and the athleticism, but I was not passionate about it. In 2010, I started taking yoga classes after my sister introduced me to CorePower. I saw myself as a teacher right away, since I enjoyed it so much. When I practiced yoga, I felt the same competitive spirit, but against myself. The more I practiced, the more I learned about the whole idea of yoga, which made me love it more. This is when I discovered my passion for yoga, and I was inspired to share that with other people. It pushed me to figure out my career path, which is to become an optometrist, and my mission to make a difference in people’s lives and make a positive impact. I am now able to say that I am passionate about helping people.

3. What’s the future look like for Stephanie?

My plan for the future is to turn my passion into something that has a positive impact to others. I went on a medical mission to Nicaragua during college and saw that I made an impact to the people I helped provided medical assistance to. In the future I would like to lead some of these missions. For now, I would like to help people through yoga. I am not sure how far I would go with yoga, but I would love to open a yoga studio in an area where it isn’t that popular, such as the north, so that I can spread my passion to other people. As far as optometry goes, I probably would work for my dad in some way. I am also interested in the research of new optometry technology, and I would like to be a part of new advances.

"I have a tattoo of the four words I live by:

strength, balance, kindness, and humility."

4. What are your spirit words?

Strength, Balance, Kindness, Humility. I have a tattoo of the four words I live by: strength, balance, kindness, and humility. Those four words encompass everything I do. Strength - because it is hard to put 100% into anything when you are not fully present in mind or body. This has become easier to accomplish as yoga taught me to breathe, to take deep breaths, which make nerve-racking situations better. Balance is something I live by. I must always be self aware in every situation, and I know that my successes are always products from people helping me in some way, shape, or form. Kindness is to remind myself to continue on despite life’s difficulties and that it is through my own strength I can push on. Humility - I learned from my dad. He would ask me whenever I didn’t want to do something how I could be the best daughter in the moment. Obviously you would do the right thing, and so I apply that to everything I am involved with - being the best version of myself will always point me to the right direction. Yoga has shown my kindness as well and has inspired me to be so. Teaching Yoga can be a work full or part time vocation. It doesn’t matter if I leave for a while, I can still come back and feel welcomed by both old and new people.

5. What would you like to share about Azendea?

What I like about Azendea's products is that none of them are overpowering. Each product is a perfect balance. I love that they are all natural and they are made by a local company - it feels great to support it whenever I buy their products. The whole purpose behind the company is inspiring and I love being able to support Azendea and the message it carries.


Stephanie's Recommendations

azendea 3-in-1 Sun Salutation

"My favorite is the Sun Salutation Mat Spray.

I always leave it at the corner of my mat and spray before and after my yoga session. It definitely brings a happy feeling when I spray it. It's an

indescribable surge of happiness. It’s just so fresh and citrusy."

azendea Robyn Eric+ body deodorizer

"I also like the

Robyn Body Deodorizer because it smells so good and you can just spray it on as a natural perfume. It is great for teaching because you can spray it and the students will feel more comfortable and relaxed being in class."

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