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Azendea Community - Kelly Pedroza

Introducing Kelly Pedroza

Entrepreneur with a passion for teaching

Founder, Elite Musique


" I feel fulfilled and positively rewarded every time I help prepare a student for an upcoming event. "


1. How did your journey begin?

"As a young adolescent, I knew exactly what I wanted and was very determined for my journey to begin. At the age of twelve, I created a list of goals to achieve, and I have been following that list since. On my list, I planned to go to college in Florida, move to Hawaii, and settle in California. I wanted to be a published author, get a Ph.D., and travel the world. I was extremely passionate about the ocean. By high school, I knew that I wanted to teach marine science.

While acquiring several advanced degrees and working towards my Ph.D., I taught piano to pay for schooling. My degrees in education helped me build a reputation for myself, and I enjoyed working for myself. My background in education, music, and my entrepreneurial spirit propelled me to the creation of Elite Musique, LLC, a competitive music program that delivers classical instruction to children of all ages. For the first time in thirty years, I felt as though I had finally found a career of which I would dedicate the rest of my life to.

Starting a business can be costly, so I have continued teaching to build the financial foundation of the business. In addition to developing the company, I work seven days a week teaching 40+ families, providing yearly performances, setting up volunteer hours, and preparing students for international assessment. I am proud to announce that after one year, Elite Musique is staffed with twenty of the most amazing classical educators in southern California, and we are securely building our clientele.

"My journey, of course, would be impossible if I didn’t have a supportive family. In addition to my amazing parents, siblings, and friends, I am supported by my husband, Jason, whom I have been married to for almost two years, and a loving step-daughter, Isabella. We have a plethora of animals as well, including three dogs: Puck, Kona & Mr. Rufus McGrufus; a hedgehog named BB8, and five doves all named after onions."

2. Describe a moment of triumph.

"I feel fulfilled and positively rewarded every time I help prepare a student for an upcoming event. Whether it’s a recital, Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) exam, recording, audition, or college application. I feel that rush of determination and am motivated to give them the best education that I can provide. It is an amazing feeling knowing that I helped guide that student to achieve a major goal. This is because I care about my students and nothing but happiness and success for every one of them; but it’s also because I, too, receive a feeling of accomplishment."

3. What is the most helpful piece of advice you can share?

Get rid of your television. The most productive years of my life are when I lived without one.

4. What is your “Spirit Word” and why?

Breathe. This reminder calms me and encourages me to move forward.

5. How do you use Azendea Products in your life?

My two favorite azendea products are the 3-in-1 spray and the tension relief roller. I drive over six hours per day since I travel to students' homes to give piano lessons. Dealing with Orange and Los Angeles traffic for over forty hours a week is exhausting, so it's nice to have relaxing products in the car. It helps douse the road rage.


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