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Be Well Series - Cleaning Your Yoga Mat with Azendea's 3in1 Spray

clean your yoga mat with azendea's 3-in-1 spray

After a long day at work, you look forward to your yoga class. “I made it!” you are so proud of yourself. Now you are in class, concentrating on your child pose, getting into that stretch. Inhale….Exxxhale….Inhale again…you take a deep cleansing breath through your nose and ewwww! What in the world is that? Some awful, offensive smell is coming from your yoga mat! This is the moment when you know you must get your mat cleaned.

Yoga mats are fertile grounds for germs, bacteria, and fungi. Think of it as your personal portable floor. You place your bare hands and feet on it. You drip your sweat on it. You may even put your water bottle on it and occasionally spill water or energy drinks. More often than not, people roll up their mats right after class without cleaning them, leaving them in the car or storage, and rolling them out for the next class. No wonder they smell!

So what do I do now? I need a quick fix!

clean your yoga mat with azendea's 3-in-1 spray

Azendea’s 3-in-1 spray comes to the rescue! Simply spray some on your mat and let it dry. Or if you prefer, wipe it off with a paper towel or towel. Spray as much as you want – All of our sprays are 100% natural and smell amazing. None of them contains any harmful chemicals – we don’t want to leave any residues on your mat that can easily get transferred to your skin with contact.

Use Azendea’s 3-in-1 sprays to help enhance your meditation while you are at it. They come with 3 unique scents, and each one effectively cleans, deodorizes, and smells amazing. Spray it liberally around you to get you in the mood.

To get a quick energy boost, spray away with Azendea’s Sun Salutation - the grapefruit and palmarosa will wake up your senses.

To feel relaxed and calm, spread the serenity with Azendea’s Moon Salutation – the soothing scents of neroli, lavender and frankincense will clam your active nerves.

To stay focus, arm yourself with Azendea’s Warrior – the lemon, bergamot and rosemary in Warrior will help you stay in focus.

Can I use Azendea’s spray for other things?

azendea 3-in-1 Sun Salutation
azendea 3-in-1 Moon Salutation

Of course you can! Keep a bottle handy. You can use it on your other yoga props and on your clothing before and after your yoga session. Spray some in your car: on the dashboard, on the seats, and give it a quick wipe (or just leave it to air dry). Spray it inside your shoes and your gym bag. Freshen up the air in your home or your office. It is more than a mat spray! Check out other ideas here.

Where do I find Azendea’s 3in1 spray?

Azendea is available in some yoga studios. If yours don’t carry it, ask them – it will be a convenient thing for them to have available. In the meanwhile, you can order yours on or on amazon. Don’t let the icky smell on your mat interrupt your precious yoga session!

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