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Be Well Series - The Best Health Hacks for Shedding Pounds and Getting in Shape

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Finding time for a strenuous workout can be daunting in our busy, on-the-go world. If you struggle with squeezing exercise into your lifestyle, and are heavier than you would like, there is good news: You can shed extra weight and get fit with a handful of brilliant health hacks.

Embrace a healthy and convenient diet. Being busy often means neglecting healthy eating habits. After all, hitting a drive-thru is convenient when you’re pressed for time, and if you’ve had a busy day, a readymade meal of processed food requires minimal thought or effort. However, a diet based on fast food is especially unhealthy; some experts maintain that food such as French fries, soda, and frozen entrees are linked to several health concerns, including diabetes, cancer, and stroke. Your mental health can even suffer, since consuming fast foods could put you at increased risk for anxiety, mood swings, and depression.

What should you eat? Forbes recommends shifting your diet to include nutritious whole foods, such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Choose unsweetened beverages and keep healthy snacks readily available. Aim at eating a variety of colorful foods to ensure you get proper nutrition. Also, the more convenient you can make healthful eating the better, since we tend to grab the first thing we see when we’re pressed for time. You’ll find a balanced and healthy diet can be key in shedding extra pounds because proper nutrition is naturally more satisfying than unhealthy meal choices. Portion control and calorie intake are major factors in weight loss as well. Did you realize Americans consume 25 percent more calories today than they did in 1970? If you need help with putting together quick, easy, and healthy meals, consider trying a meal delivery service. These types of services can put you in better command of what you eat by supplying fresh food and portion control—and you can’t beat the convenience.​

Make fitness fun and functional. Grueling, lengthy workouts aren’t for everyone. In today’s fast-paced world, finding the time and energy for a long, hard run or an hour of step aerobics can be challenging at best. When your lifestyle doesn’t accommodate a daily excursion to the gym, you still have options. According to The Telegraph, research indicates a short, intense, and fun workout at home can be as effective as a trip to the gym, perhaps even more so. Some basic calisthenics (such as squats, crunches and lunges), hand weights or resistance bands, and a mat for jogging in place can provide you with quick and convenient exercise options. ​

When should you work out? You can work out almost any time, anywhere, if you think in terms of just adding more movement to your days. Pace while you talk on the phone or sit on an exercise ball at your computer. The next time a halftime show starts or when you’re inundated with commercials, spend a few minutes exercising. Better yet, shut off your electronics and pick up a new hobby. Plant a garden, take dancing lessons, or learn a new sport. There are community leagues for everything from softball to basketball. You can take lessons to learn tennis, or join a martial arts club. It’s a great way to spice up your life. You add physical activity, connect with other people, and don’t need to invest a lot of time or money in your pastime to reap big benefits. Another suggestion is to bump up your activity level when you’re doing household chores, yardwork, or running errands. Any time you’re lounging or strolling, think about ways to be more energetic. A few minutes here and there will add up, and before you know it, you’ll be fitter and healthier than ever before!

Living a healthy life just got simpler. You can eat right and exercise without a lot of hassle or hard work. Engaging in smart health hacks can help you drop extra pounds and get into shape, quickly and easily!


Our guest blog writer, Cheryl Conklin, is a freelance writer and the creator of, a place to share her thoughts on wellness and her belief that one can’t have physical health without mental health and vice versa. She can be reached at

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