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Essential Oil Series - Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis)

Sweet Orange essential oil is uplifting, and it is a familiar smell. It is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. Sweet orange essential oil is commonly used to help support the immune system and promote well-being.

Chemical Families: Monoterpenes

Botanical Family: Rutaceae

Extraction Method: Cold pressed

Note: Top

Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis) Essential Oil Highlights:

  • Sweet orange essential oil has an up-lifting, cheerful aroma. It is useful for children ages 6 and older.

  • It helps support the immune system and promote well-being

  • The scent of orange can stimulate saliva and gastric secretions. It can help with poor appetite, travel sickness, and nausea.

  • It may cause skin irritation if the oil is oxidized. Keep the oil in a dark, airtight container to help extend the shelf life of the oil.

Here are just some of the many ways you can use your sweet orange essential oil:

  • Put a few drops in your home diffuser, car diffuser, essential oil necklace, or bracelet: the scent of orange is refreshing and uplifting. It adds a happy note in the air!​​

  • Add it to the massage oil for a relaxing and vigorous massage.

  • Azendea's Warrior 3in1 Spray is a spray made with rosemary, bergamot, and orange essential oil. Combined with rosemary with bergamot, the orange essential oil helps promote a serene setting that lets you focus your energy.



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