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This product contains 70% alcohol.

azendea's 3in1 spray is an all natural aromatic, deodorizer cleanser. It cleans your surroundings and objects, refreshes your mind and energizes your body with healing and uplifting natural botanicals.

Available in 5 wonderful scents:

  • Sun (Citrus Scent) - Refresh the mind with 100% pure Grapefruit, Palmarosa and Tea Tree essential oils.
  • Moon (Light Floral Scent) - Calm the mind with 100% pure Lavender, Orange, and Frankincense essential oils.
  • Warrior (Herbal Scent) - Stay focus and alert with 100% pure Rosemary, Orange and Bergamot essential oils.
  • Goddess (Floral Scent) - Evoke your inner power with 100% pure Ylang Ylang, Sweet Orange, Sibarian Fir, and Patchouli essential oils
  • Tree (Forest and Woodsy Scent)- Stand grounded and firm with 100% pure Grapefruit, Geranium, Cypress, and Patchouli essential oils


Size: 2.7oz

3in1 Clean, Deodorize, and Natural Aromatic Spray

  • How to use

    • For Yoga or workout sessions - Before your yoga session, spray your mat liberally with Yoga Spray by Azendea. Wipe it off with a paper towel or cloth towel. This will give you a boost of pleasant aroma during your workout. After the session, repeat the steps to clean your mat thoroughly. Yoga Spray by Azendea will keep your mat clean and smelling so heavenly... so naturally!
    • For general purpose use - spray it liberally in the air as an air freshener/deodorizer. Stop using this product if signs of skin irritation occurred.
    • As an extra caution, consult with your physician before use. Safe to use around children and pets. Keep product away from children and pets to avoid unintended consumption.
  • UPC

    Sun UPC: 089902780555
    Moon UPC: 089902780562
    Warrior UPC: 0089902780579

    Goodess UPC: 0089902781019

    Tree UPC: 0089902781002
    Full Set UPC: 089902780661

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