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Can You Stomach This?

As humans, we are consciously aware of the food that we consume. However, we tend to give little to no attention to what happens after our food is swallowed.

Our stomach is a vital organ, responsible for breaking down the food that we eat so our body can use it to its advantage. The stomach releases enzymes and acid while breaking down our food. This fascinating process works to our advantage by performing functions such as killing harmful microbes and facilitating the process of absorbing vitamin B12, which promotes energy.

"Not only does our stomach have a physical attachment to us, it also has a spiritual connection."

Not only does our stomach have a physical attachment to us, it also has a spiritual connection. When we receive bad news, it feels like our stomach sinks. When we have a conversation with someone we admire, our stomach feels like home to a thousand butterflies. It is no coincidence; our stomachs are directly impacted by the condition of our emotions. There is such a direct connection between our body and our soul that stress can go as far as causing our digestive system to temporarily shut down, which means our stomach stop doing its job. It is important to fill our days with activities that promote our well-being, both physical and mental, to ensure that we have a healthy digestive system with a healthy stomach.

There are many other steps we can take today to promote the health of our stomach. For those who smoke, quit smoking will not only help their lungs, it will aid in preventing reflux, which causes heartburn. Other simple steps such as not skipping meals and not rushing while eating will also be of great help for our stomachs.

Another way of promoting the health of our stomach is through the use of essential oils. Essential oils are the way to go when it comes to relieving stomach issues. Diluted peppermint essential oil is an amazing way to reduce pain from cramping, as it calms the muscles in our stomach. Another essential oil that helps with stomach problems, indigestion problems specifically, is chamomile oil. Chamomile essential oil works by relaxing our muscles, which in turn facilitates digestion, and it calms the stomach. Reaping its benefits is as simple as applying two to four drops of oil on your hands, rubbing your hands together to warm it up, and rubbing it gently on your stomach. Last, but not least effective, is ginger essential oil. For those who suffer from nausea, a quick and easy use of ginger essential oil will suffice to alleviate that uncomfortable feeling.

"Working on having a healthier stomach does not mean eating tasteless food."

Working on having a healthier stomach does not mean eating tasteless food. For those with a sweet tooth, you can continue to satisfy your cravings for something sweet by consuming bananas, blueberries, and strawberries, all of which have a balanced glucose-to-fructose ratio, making them easier to digest. In other words, these delicious fruits (and many others) satisfy your cravings for something sweet all the while going easy on your stomach. And if you're not much of a sweets person, that is okay! You can consume almonds, hazelnuts, and peanuts, which contain anti-inflammatory fats (that your stomach loves); not only that but they also give you energy!

It's time that we give back to our stomach, which does so much for us. Let's work towards a healthy mind, body, and spirit to ensure that we don't add burden to our health but instead help improve it.



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