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Yes, cinnamon is a delicious ingredient that can be added to your dessert or coffee...but what if I told you that cinnamon could help slow down the aging process, reduce your chance of heart disease, and fight infections? That’s right! Such an easily overlooked ingredient is a lot more powerful than we think.

The most common cause of premature death on earth is not accidental deaths; it's not cancer... it's heart disease. Therefore, it would only make sense for us to make a conscious effort to prevent it. The chances of heart disease are increased by conditions such as diabetes. Thankfully, earth has provided us with the highest quality medicine, and amongst that natural medicine is where cinnamon is found. Something as simple as the consumption of one gram of cinnamon per day has been medically found to have a positive impact on those who have diabetes. Cinnamon also aids in the improvement of blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Another incredible benefit of cinnamon is its antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties. In the Middle Ages (way before our times), the amazing benefit of refrigeration had yet to be discovered. Therefore, a lot of recipes were flavored with cinnamon, which helped avoid spoilage due to its properties. An effective and healthy alternative to antibiotics is cinnamon, with its power to combat viruses. This spice's ability to fight infections includes a wide range of them, from the common cold all the way to HIV (cinnamon helps by preventing HIV from entering cells).

So cinnamon helps prevent heart disease, helps fight infections... what else can it do? It can also help you remember why you walked into a room or exactly what brand of juice your partner asked you to get at the store. That's right - cinnamon helps with memory! This aromatic spice is great for boosting brain activity. Research has shown that even just smelling cinnamon helps enhance cognitive processing. The scent of cinnamon alone can aid in tasks related to memory and attention.

So, you've learned a few of the many sweet benefits of cinnamon... now what? Let's put them into practice! Even a small consumption of cinnamon once a week will make a difference in your overall health. Eat better, feel better. If you're not a huge fan of cinnamon, that doesn't mean it won't be able to be a part of what you consume. You can always add small amounts of it to your diet by sprinkling some on your tea, sugar, or even cereal. On the contrary, if you're a huge fan of cinnamon, it can be used in cinnamon rolls, churros, or you can also make your own cinnamon toast crunch milkshake (for those cheat days)!

It's easy to overlook something so powerful like cinnamon when opening your pantry, but so wise to notice it and take advantage of it.



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