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Finally, a REAL vacation!

Christmas this year was a tone of fun for my family and me. We decided to go out of town and spend Christmas in Mammoth this year, one of our favorite places to go. In the past, we came to Mammoth to ski, but it always seemed a bit hustle and bustle, trying to make money's worth for those expensive ski lift tickets.

This time around, I promised myself a real vacation. Not a vacation that need another vacation to recuperate afterward. I have no schedule or agenda for this trip at all! We are staying at the Village, which is right by the gondola, so my family can go skiing whenever they want. Everything is nearby, very convenient!

While my family go skiing, I would stay indoor doing some light yoga and exercises. Reading while drinking my own blend of green tea with rosebuds, goji berries, and ginseng.... ooh soo soothing and relaxing for my mind and body!

One the third day, we decided to venture out and do some nature discovery and sightseeing. The weather was perfect, and we played our usual mountain drive music by "Yaima".

We stopped by the entrance of the Inyo Craters. Since the road was covered with snow, we parked our car by the roadside and walked the trail. Lots of fantastic sceneries with plants, trees, and snow! There was a decaying giant pine tree in the middle of the forest, the smell was amazing. The entire forest smelled like Christmas really. While examining this dead pine tree and paying respect to nature, I found some resin and mushrooms on the tree! Out of curiosity, I researched a bit on resin, and learned the differences between resin and sap.

I also learned about the Xylem and Phloem in trees that were like two main arteries delivering nutrients-filled sap to the various parts of the tree! To learn more, you can refer to this article here.

As if you can't tell, I am truly loving my real vacation, only a few more days here.. But already getting some much needed rest. Going to enjoy a glass of rosé now and read. Until then... have a whimsical rest of 2017 everyone! Happy Holidays!

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