Be Well Series - Why Choose All Natural Deodorizer Spray?

As a society we tend to follow the crowd, assuming the decisions they make are correct and the best. We’ve been conditioned to accept that the personal care items we purchase in stores are safe to use, without learning more about the ingredients used to make these products. Many big brand name products reported by EWG, like deodorants, contain harmful ingredients.

"Many big brand name products reported by EWG, like deodorants, contain harmful ingredients."

One of the harmful ingredients in deodorant is aluminum, which has been suspected of contributing to diseases such as Alzheimer's and even breast cancer.

"Sweating is as natural of a body function as crying and breathing."

Why do we, as humans, frown upon sweating? Sweating is as natural of a body function as crying and breathing. In fact, sweating helps regulate the body's temperature and eliminate toxins. You would be surprised to know that perspiration is odorless. Armpit odor is produced when our sweat mixes with airborne bacteria. Therefore, in order to avoid the odor and the harsh chemicals, we must find an all-natural deodorant.

"Azendea's all natural deodorant spray contains superb ingredients: Witch Hazel, Himalayan Sea Salt, and Algae Extracts."

All-natural deodorants are beneficial to our overall health. That’s why Azendea is proud to offer its valued customers a deodorant that is made of 100% of nature’s ingredients. Our deodorant contains aloe vera distill, witch hazel, grain alcohol, Himalayan sea salt, algae extract, and a proprietary blend of 100% pure essential oils.

You may be asking yourself how these ingredients are beneficial to you. These ingredients are extremely beneficial to all who use them. Witch hazel refreshes the skin, helping you walk around with a feeling of freshness under your arms every day. Himalayan sea salt helps balance your pH levels. Another benefit of these ingredients is the antioxidants that algae extracts provide.

Don't think twice before making the switch from chemical-filled deodorants to all-natural deodorants. Your body and health won't think twice before thanking you!


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