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Be Well Series - Ways to Use your Azendea 3in1 Spray

We are happy that you are giving our 3-in-1 spray a try. Whether you received the Azendea 3-in-1 Spray as a gift from someone so thoughtful, or you got one for yourself to use, here are some other ways you can use the spray other than using it on your yoga mat.

  • Did your holiday guests leave a smoky smell around the house? Spray some Azendea 3-in-1 Spray in the affected area to get rid of the smell.

  • The holiday feasts leave an aftermath - Wipe down the fridge or freezer with the spray and some water. Use it on the countertop too.

  • As a bathroom refresher - Spray liberally in the bathroom. Or just leave a bottle there for convenience!

  • Returning from your holiday trip? Spray some inside your luggage before you close them and put them away for your next trip.

  • Have to take off your shoes when entering your friend's house? A few sprays of our 3-in-1 will save you from the embarrassing moments. ​​

  • Have dogs and cats at home? Spray your pet’s bedding and area. Be at ease that our sprays use 100% natural ingredients, and they are pet friendly.

  • Just got done working out but have no time to change? Spray around your clothing to smell refreshing without the over powering perfume scent

  • Love going to BBQ restaurants but not the smoke? Our spray is perfect for deodorizing your hair and clothes after sitting in a smoky restaurant for a long time!

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