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In this sample pack, you get to try 3 different herbal infusions created by a creative local herbalist in Orange County, California, who has been researching and studying in the herbal field for over 10 years.  Each herbal infusion will give you different benefits throughout the day with the Morning, Afternoon, and Evening blends!

These blends are packed with amanzing natural nutrients for your mind and body! Practice mindfulness when you prepare and drink the herbs.  Observe, smell, and taste.  A great way to start your day with clear mind, focus, and heart filled with appreciation. 


  • The Morning blend consists of Rose buds, Licorice, and Goji Berry which promotes energy flow and blood circulation.  This blend is also great for the skin and reproduction system for both men and women.
  • The Afternoon blend consists of Hibiscus, Peppermint, Orange Peels, and Astragalus which helps with digestion after a big meal and refreshing herbs to increase focus and alertness.
  • The Evening blend consists of Lily bulb, Chrysanthemum, and Longan which promotes relaxation and reduce anxiety. This is a good infusion to drink and get ready for bedtime. 


Healthy Whole Herbal Infusion Sample Pack

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