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Give your furry family members a holistic and healthy life!
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Flea Control.  Harmful Chemical


in 2008. At least 1,600 pet deaths related to spot on treatments with pyrethroids

were reported to the EPA over the last five years.

Your pets are always there whenever you need them. They share the specical and not-so-special life moments with you. Don't they deserve the best? At Azendea, we care about your furry friends just as much as you do. 


Azendea's founders are pet lovers. We rescued our furry friends from different local shelters over the years. In particular, we are strong supporters of Priceless Pets Rescue, a no-kill pet rescue organization run by volunteers to care for neglected or unwanted animals. We share Priceless Pet Rescue’s vision and would like to help out where we can. To that end, Azendea will donate $0.50 to Priceless Pet Rescue for each Azendea Dog Spray sold on our website. This is a great opportunity to share the natural goodness with your furry friends while supporting an organization dedicated to rescuing animals in need. No special promo codes needed. 

Pet Rescue Affiliation


Azendea is dedicated to provide help and holistic treatments for people and their loyal friends!

Azendea's All Natural  Dog's Spray


Made with 100% natural ingredients, Azendea's Dog Spray eliminates unwanted odor and helps keep fleas away!

What's in these flea control products?


Learn about chemicals in flea control products and how they may affect our beloved pets. 

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