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Herbal Series - 桑白皮 (Bai Zang) Morus alba

(Bai Zang) Morus alba is also known as the root of the Mulberry tree. Remove the root before sprouting. Dry before or after peeling the skin.

Parts used: The root of Peony. Boil the root and remove the skin. Cook until its soft and then dry out. Cut into thin slices. Use it raw, stir fry with or without cooking wine.

Channels: Lung, Liver

Properties: Bitter, Sweet, Cold


  • Nourishes the lungs and blood. Clears Heat, Diuretic. Antitussive (controls or prevent coughing). Analgesic


  • Calms the wheezing cough. Boosts immunity. Eases joint pain. Supports blood pressure. Removes water retention.

🌿Often blends with other herbs for various purposes:

Lian Qiao (Forsythia), Poria, Chrysanthemum, Almond.


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