Be Well Series - Harmful Chemicals - What do you have in your bathroom?

October 6, 2019



On one long weekend, I decided to reorganize my bathroom counter. As I was picking up bottles of lotion and cleansers and rearranging them on the shelf, I couldn’t help but notice the long names of the ingredients listed.  I recalled an article I came across a few months back about harmful chemicals used in household items. Back then I thought, it couldn’t be that bad, right? After all, if the ingredients are harmful, why would people buy them? The names of these ingredients were difficult to pronounce, let alone for me to remember. So I forgot about the article after a while.  This time, I was determined. I took pictures of the ingredients and looked them up.  And so the weekend research began.



Taking Inventory

I took inventory of 10 different bottles randomly from my bathroom counter I shared with my husband. Here is the breakdown: 2 bottles of body washes, 1 hair spray, 1 bottle of hand soap, 4 different kinds of lotion (not all of them belonged to me!), 1 men's facial cleanser, 1 shower gel.