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DIY Bug and Moth Repellent

Summer brings nice weather and happy outdoor moments. But it is also the season when the bugs and insects are growing and most active, which could be quite a nuance. I am currently combating with moth issues at home, so I created this blend to help with the situation naturally! While we have been using the moth traps as well, they have not been helping in the cabinets. Using the wood boards that's sprayed with this oil blend, I have not seen them appearing!

Here's a DIY bug and moth repellent for your cabinets and drawers:

Mix these ingredients* well. Spray and rub the oil evenly on wood boards or wood chips. For cost saving, you can use cotton balls as well and put them inside old but clean socks (with holes or make the holes yourself!)

For Cabinets and Drawers

  • 15ml Olive Oil (or citronella infused oil)

  • Lavender(10 drops)

  • Citronella(5 drops)

  • Cypress(5 drops)

  • Cedarwood (5 drops)

*The above blend is made with higher ratios of the essential oil, therefore it is not safe to be applied on your skin.

For Body Oil

  • 15ml Jojoba Oil (or peppermint infused oil)

  • Lavender(2 drops)

  • Citronella(1 drop)

  • Cypress(1 drop)

  • Cedarwood (1 drop)

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