My Return Story

January 24, 2018

"At times, it takes a negative experience to make the positive parts of our lives really shine."



All of us work. Whether it be at home taking care of the children or in a company following orders and being productive.  The question is not whether or not we work, but how we work.  Do we work as part of a mindless routine or do we work with passion?  The answer can be found in the feelings and thoughts that we experience while we work.  Do we feel burdened or inspired?

I had previously worked for azendea.  While I enjoyed it and felt proud of what the company did, my spirit and heart were not fully invested.  When we're working mindlessly and passionless, we can only work for so long before we are burned out like a flickering candle.  Eventually, I stopped working for azendea.


Months later, my mother became very ill.  The person I loved the most no longer resembled even a fraction of who she used to be, and my heart was broken.  As expected, the hospital provided her with a plethora of medication.  While the medication did help alleviate the symptoms, it did not treat the root of the problem; in fact, it added more health problems. Naturally, we sought help elsewhere.  So, what did we do? We replaced the pharmaceuticals with natural remedies, such as herbal supplements.  Fast forward another few months, my mother is healthier than she has ever been.


At times, it takes a negative experience to make the positive parts of our lives really shine.  And that's exactly what the trial of my mother's sickness did for me.  I developed an appreciation and a passion for companies who provide products straight from the best doctor:  nature itself!  While the pharmaceutical industry is a great help to many, it is our responsibility to not only treat the symptoms but resolve the root of the issue with the help of nature.


We often live such busy lives, taking care of our families, our jobs, our careers, that we forget to take care of ourselves.  What a better way to take care of ourselves than to tune in with our spirit, body, and mind, and truly become one well-rounded individual?


I can't think of a better company that has such drive to help their customers reach the best version of themselves than azendea.  And as I sit here writing this blog post, I am grateful to say that I have returned; but this time I have returned with passion and love for helping others find the right products through azendea to better their quality of life, because I have seen results in my own life and in the life of those I love.  When our minds, spirits, and hearts are nourished, we are able to help others so that together we can reach levels of greatness and self-empowerment we had never imagined.


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