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UPC: 0089902780715

Azendea's Laundry Booster is also an odor buster!  It is made with 100% pure essential oil that is specially formulated to clean and remove bad odor from your workout clothes or pet beddings.  Only a few drops per load of Azendea's Laundry Booster into your detergent tray will work effectively.  No more running your laundry multiple times in hopes of removing the smell from sweat or pet odor.  Use Azendea's Laundry Booster saves water and energy as it only costs  0.35 cents per load! 

Laundry Booster and Odor Buster

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    Suggested Usage: Small Load: 4-6 drops Medium Load: 6-8 drops Large Load: 8-10 drops Depending on the condition of your soiled laundry, please adjust accordingly. Ingredients: Lavender, Grapefruit and Tea Tree Essential Oil
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